Fully Exposed VigRX Plus Results: A Look at the Before and Afters


unfulfilled sexWhen you feel frustrated about your unfulfilled sex drive, the last thing you need is someone telling you the secret of some miracle pill. There are many male enhancement aids available on the market, and one such advancement is VigRX Plus. When you will type VigRX Plus in your search engine, it will bombard you with a horde of VigRX Plus results. These positive results should not surprise you.

According to VigRX Plus reviews, as soon as you begin to take VigRX, the herbs start their work in a natural way within your body. Some men believe this supplement is a boon to them and they report having experienced an improved sexual life, with the help of VigRX Plus. In this article, you will learn how useful the product is, according to the real facts and statistics surrounding the carefully documented clinical results.

Although this article can show you the effective VigRX Plus results some men have experienced, VigRX Plus is not for everyone, so be sure to get the green light from your doctor first before trying this product.

Important Things You Should Know About VigRX Plus

moneyYou might have a vague concept of what VigRX Plus does, but that wouldn’t suffice when you are planning to invest your hard earned money in it.

VigRX Plus has been reported to be one of the most popular male enhancement pills on the market in the year 2016. The product started out as a humble company, without many promising results, but then, it underwent three upgrades in the span of 10 years. Every time, it added something new and unique to the formula, it made everyone else stop dead in their tracks and head straight to the pharmaceutical shops, in order to enquire whether it was available yet.

In the ancient times, there was a certain group of people known as the healers. They claimed to better your sexual performance and enjoyment with remedies, which they used to derive through their wisdom and meditation. Though most of those ancient remedies are now forgotten, VigRX Plus’s natural male enhancement formula has managed to retain much of the efficacy of those ancient herbal methods. Thus, it isn’t at all surprising that VigRX Plus has been climbing the popularity charts with the highest frequency of purchase every week.

Manufacturers have selected all the herbs after a wide research on the area, and after a number of years of experimenting. The makers also promise to update the ingredients according to the need of the customers. They take the VigRX Plus reviews as feedback from the buyers, and make appropriate changes in the products. That is why you find the new version called VigRX Plus, which was developed from VigRX pills.

Some people also search for VigRX plus results before after pictures on the web, in order to know the efficacy of this healing male enhancement supplement. In the next section, you will learn the types of therapeutic ingredients of VigRX Plus.

The Therapeutic Ingredients of VigRX Plus

pharmaceutical shopJust visit your nearest pharmaceutical shop on the weekend, and you will find many varieties of male enhancement pills on the racks. If you are an amateur to the game, not only will all the options overwhelm you, but you will also think 10 times before buying anything, not even reputed products such as VigRX Plus. You have heard your friends and numerous strangers on the internet telling you how beneficial it has been for them, but is it effective on the inside as it is on the outside? You will learn shortly.

Here is a list of ingredients used in VigRX Plus, so you can judge for yourself if it will be the right fit for your sexual life:

  • Asian Red Ginseng: It is a popular variety of Panax Ginseng. Asian Red Ginseng may improve circulation, but practitioners of Chinese medicine term it as the “king of all tonics.” In case you suffer from heart or inflammation issues, you should definitely ask your physician’s approval, as VigRX plus is unsuitable for people who have heart conditions.
  • Aphrodisiacal Herbs: Apart from the regular ingredients used in VigRx Plus, there is also a plethora of aphrodisiacs that the manufacturers have blended into the formula of the product. They could trigger other ingredients to do their best when it comes to increasing sexual response.
  • Saw palmetto: Saw palmetto has aphrodisiac properties, which could inject you with energy when you are too tired to have sex.
  • Hawthorne Berry: Rich in phytochemicals, the natural chemicals that promote good health, Hawthorne berry is a key ingredient in VigRX Plus.
  • Damiana: Michael Tierra, who wrote the celebrated book, The Way of Herbs, has identified damiana as being one of the most efficient aphrodisiacs. It has been passed on to you by older generations. You can either use it in a powdered form or smoke it, in order to increase your sexual drive.
  • BioPerine: It is a natural ingredient extracted from the Indian black pepper spice. Makers initially named it as Piperine, but later it got the name BioPerine.

supplementsManufacturers added the nutritional supplements to it. They clinically test and patent it in the United States of America, and thus named it BioPerine. BioPerine could help to increase the nutrient absorption in your body by activating all the herbs to perform their best once they enter your body.

A clinical study conducted in 1999 claimed that BioPerine increases the number of selenium, water and fat soluble B vitamins in your blood.

  • Puncture Vine: Puncture vine may enhance your strength and stamina to keep going on, while you are engaging in intercourse. This ingredient increases energy and has been known to boost testosterone levels in a man’s body.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract: It is basically the oil extracted the horny goat herb plant, which could help with liver and kidney problems, and help you with general sex issues. Regularly used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is said to promote the production of hormones and increase the desire for sex, even when you are tired at the end of a day.
  • Gingko Leaf: Filled to the brim with antioxidant properties and energy sources, the gingko leaf in VigRX Plus could aid in consistent blood flow to your penis, which could help you enjoy sex even more.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract: Farmers have been harvesting the catuaba tree in the Amazonian forests of Brazil for countless years. Apparently, the bark has been the talk of the town as a possible effective booster of male libido. This ingredient takes action in two stages.

Firstly, it may help you to fulfill your sexual fantasies and at the next stage, it could increase your sexual desire. It dilates the blood vessels in your circulatory system and stimulates the nerve cells. It is believed that catuaba bark extract reduces exhaustion and enhances your sexual performance. This single ingredient is enough to take care of all your sexual woes.

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract: Widely used in Europe as well as South America, it has been in constant storage in the British herbal pharmacopoeia as an herb that could help with low sexual libido and dysentery.

clinical studyThe latest clinical study, which involves this extract, has proved that it is an effective ingredient you need to enhance your love making capabilities. At the Institute of Sexology in Paris, Dr. Jacques Waynberg treated patients who had struggled with sexual activity and was surprised to see the successful results.

According to researchers, approximately 70 percent of the men experienced an increased desire for sex, while 66 percent said that they had intercourse more frequently than before.

VigRX Plus is a herbal male enhancement supplement, and has been clinically studied. However, it has not yet gotten the seal of approval from the FDA. Thus, before you start using it, you should have the dosage approved by your physician. Your doctor may also suggest other ways to increase your libido and sexual arousal, along with VigRX Plus treatment.

What Are The Benefits of VigRX Plus?

researchersResearchers have created VigRX for men with variegated benefits, which will surely make you excited to use it. Are you ready to know about all the benefits you will be availing once you start using VigRX Plus?  Continue reading, then:

  • The blood flow to your penis might increase, especially if you are able to maintain your dosage.
  • Your sexual pleasure may last longer when you start using VigRX Plus.
  • Your sexual libido might be enhanced and your energy levels may skyrocket.
  • You might be able to last longer in bed.
  • Many men who have been using VigRx Plus for a considerable number of years, have reported that the product enables them to enjoy their orgasms more.
  • There might be an enhancement in your sexual performance.
  • You could experience more stamina while you are having sex.
  • Countless men suffer from a lack of self-confidence, just because they can’t perform in bed. VigRX Plus could help make it so that you don’t have to experience self-esteem issues any longer.
  • Since VigRX has the likelihood of delivering nutrients and increasing blood flow to the corpora cavernosa of your penile tissue, you may experience erections more quickly than you did before using VigRX Plus.

What Should You Know About VigRx Plus Side Effects and How You Can Reduce Them?

side effectsAs with any other product you are putting your money into, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this male enhancement supplement. You should remember that, in spite of all the promising evidence, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the side effects a small section of men experiences when using VigRX Plus.

Here are some of the side-effects you might have to encounter if you start using VigRX Plus:

  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Some men have reported having gastrointestinal issues where they feel nauseous, and even have bouts of vomiting in extreme cases. It is highly unlikely that your gastrointestinal trouble will progress to something major like diarrhea, but in case this happens, make sure to increase your daily water intake, so that you are never dehydrated.

Get the sodium potassium balance in your body just right, by drinking lots of fruit juice and ordering soup every time you go out to eat.

  • Insomnia: It affects certain users of VigRX plus, but it is only because they stay awake at night and don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep.
  • Heart palpitations and Restlessness: If you find yourself complaining of restlessness and heart palpitations a short while after using VigRX Plus, you should immediately discontinue usage and visit your physician for a checkup.
  • Allergic Reactions: The ingredient known as damiana in VigRX Plus may cause allergic reactions like swelling in the face, lips, throat and tongue, breathing difficulties and even an outbreak of hives in some isolated cases.

treatment for diabetesIn general, people who are undergoing treatment for diabetes or taking medication for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia or mania are under risk of experiencing such allergies. Don’t ignore the symptoms if you fall under any of the above categories, and call for instant medical attention.

Many men also experience short-term and minor allergies, such as dry mouth, a momentary feeling of dizziness or an itchy rash on a small patch of skin. The ingredient Epimedium Sagittatum in VigRX Plus causes such allergies, and they will subside in a few days. Still, if you find such symptoms uncomfortable to live with, you should just halve your dosage, and everything will be fine. In addition, you should check with your physician.

  • Muscle Spasms: Only 0.01 percent of the people who have used VigRX Plus have reported experiencing loss of sexual appetite and muscle spasms after using the product. In case you fall within that small group of people, you should just stop using it, without thinking twice. You can always think of alternative natural remedies for increasing your libido, which might not be as effective as VigRX Plus, but can just help you to cross the finish line.

How to Use VigRX Plus – Know the Dosage of VigRX Plus

how to useIt is far too easy to get carried away with the feeling of euphoria when you are have just bought a male enhancement product like VigRX Plus, but experts always advise you to exercise some restraint to avoid side effects.

Just take two pills a day, and they should fulfill your male enhancement needs. Just be careful and don’t be haphazard with your VigRX Plus consumption, or else the results will be negligible. You should continue the dosage for four months and beyond, if you wish to enjoy all the benefits that the pills have to offer.

In case you stop using them just before the end of the four months, you should be prepared for definite progress in your sexual stamina, but nothing more. Don’t worry. The makers of VigRX Plus know that it isn’t always possible to monitor the dosage of the pills given your busy schedule. Thus, they have made it possible to take the pills either at the same time, or at any time you find it convenient. As long as you manage to take them on the same day, it shouldn’t matter.

Even though the supplement may bring you some desirable results, experts suggest performing male enhancement exercises along with the intake of the drug. You should start doing some kegel exercises in the gym, which could further stimulate your sexual stamina and vigor. In this way, you might be able to enjoy faster and better results during your sexual performance.

It is also vital to get the advice of your doctor, in case you are uncertain of your daily requirement. VigRX Plus is an herbal medicine, and therefore it is vital that you follow the course that provides you with the right amount of dosage.

The best thing about VigRX Plus is that it contains natural ingredients, instead of artificial or synthetic ones. The minor drawback is that it might take a few weeks before you start to see and noticeable results. Thus, you should stick with the routine, and be patient with it.

VigRX Plus Results: How VigRX Plus Works

resultsThe ingredients in VigRX Plus could increase the blood flow to your penis. In addition, they may promote the transportation of nutrients to your genitals, so that you have enough sexual stamina to last the whole night. Bear in mind that there are people who haven’t experienced any benefits from the usage of VigRX Plus whatsoever. This might be due to the way the ingredients are stimulated in their body, which could be different than the way it gets activated in the bodies of others.

The effects of VigRX Plus are long lasting and considerable; so, if you get your dosage just right, good sex times could lie ahead of you.

What the Clinical Study Indicates About the Advantages of Using VigRX Plus

Here is a list of results that a clinical study on VigRX Plus recently reported. These are not indicative of all men, but the results were positive and promising:

  • About 71.43 percent of the people said that they experienced an increase in intercourse and sexual satisfaction.
  • Around 62.82 percent of the people said that their ability to maintain an erection was enhanced.
  • There was an increase of 61 percent in sexual desire.
  • Men experienced a 58.9 percent increase in their capability of penetrating their partner.
  • Overall sexual desire and drive increased up to 47 percent.
  • There was approximately an increase of 22.49 percent in the quality and frequency of orgasms.

What Should You Know About the Current VigRX Plus Price?

priceThe manufacturers of VigRX Plus have devised a pricing plan based on how long men plan to take this product to help set the prices of VigRX Plus. They have created smaller packages for lower prices, so that you can carry it with you on your weekend hiking trip, as well as longer lasting jumbo packs, which would last you a year.

You can choose any one, based on how long you wish to use it and where you are going to store it. Experts recommend buying the yearly pack, as it will be the most cost effective.

The prices and the respective supply packs are as follows:

  • One Month: Approximately $77
  • Two Months: Around $144.
  • Three Months: About $206.
  • Four Months: Approximately $268.
  • Five Months: Around $330.
  • Six Months: About $385.
  • 12 Months: Approximately $490.

The Best Place of All to Buy VigRX Plus

internetThere are a lot of shady websites on the internet, which advertise themselves as selling the original VigRX Plus. But trust them once and they will deliver a cheap product, imitations of the original potent formula of VigRX Plus. You should act as a responsible adult of the 21st century, and make the effort to buy the VigRX Plus from the official website: https://www.vigrxplus.com/

Amazon is every one’s favorite site for shopping for everything starting from basic amenities to luxury items. You will be tempted to buy VigRX Plus from Amazon, but if you heed expert’s advice, please don’t go ahead. It is quite easy to register as a seller there and the authorities from Amazon wouldn’t even make the effort to conduct a background check on whether the products being placed on offer are the real deal or not.

The experts remind you once again that VigRX Plus results will vary from person to person, but given the overwhelming positive response from the clinical studies, it could work wonders for your sex life. The main thing to remember is to check with your doctor first, and go to the official website to see about their 100-percent money back guarantee.



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