Natural Alternatives for Penis Enlargement Surgery


surgeryPenis enlargement surgeries are risky and expensive. Knowing the possible dangers that it may cause to your manhood, it makes sense to want to search for a safer alternative.

When it comes to penis enhancement, there are other ways out there. When you use them as directed, most natural penis enhancement methods are not only less expensive, they are safer, too.

Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • Penis Enlargement Devices – With the help of some tools, you can have a bigger penis without potential risks. It works by applying a pulling force to your penis to extend it and keep it at that position for some time. By putting pressure on the penis, the tissues will adapt causing it to grow, or reproduce. You can make use of traction devices, extenders, weights and pumps to safely enhance the growth of your manhood.
  • Penis Enlargement Pills – Many pills are promising a great increase to the size of your cock. However, only a few can do the job. Some pills marketed nowadays may be dangerous not only to your penis, but to your overall health, as well. It is important to make sure that you are aware of the ingredients and that you are purchasing from a well-known institution.
  • Penis Enlargement PillsTo make it more natural, you can go for herbs that come in the form of pills. They are known to be more effective when it comes to penis enhancement.
  • The herbal medicines in this kind of pill promote an increased blood flow to the penile area. The blood will fill up the veins inside your penis. The tissues will then adapt to the volume occupied by the blood flow, making your penis wider than before.
  • Lotions and Creams – Lotions and creams for penile enhancement are also available in the market. Like pills, it is still best to purchase lotions and creams with herbal ingredients, which are proven to be safe and effective. All you need to do is apply a recommended amount of cream to the penile area and evenly distribute it. The pores of your penis will absorb the applied substance and blood flow stimulation will start.
  •  Losing Weight – Obesity makes the penis look shorter, as the excess body fat may cover some of it, so, another way to improve the appearance of your penis is by losing weight. Exercise regularly and perform intense workouts to become fit. Once you lose weight, your penis will appear to be at its longest. There will be no additional growth, but making it look bigger does count.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

penis enlargement exerciseThe most natural, safe and effective way to increase the size and girth of your penis is through penis enlargement exercises.

Apart from improvement when it comes to size and length, it can also fix the appearance of a bent penis. This is one of the most effective natural alternatives for penis enlargement surgery.

By making good use of your hands and knowing the right techniques, you will be gifted of nothing but the best results. Penis exercises can come in many forms. The four most common forms of penile enlargement exercises are jelqing, Kegels, compression and stretching.

You do jelqing by applying a milking-like motion to the penis. Form your hands with an okay grip and wrap it around the penis. Slowly move the grip up to the shaft and repeat it many times. A doctor designed Kegels for pregnant women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. However, Kegels also improve the health of the muscles that support erection and control orgasm.

You start by locating your pelvic floor muscles, and then you can contract those and hold the contraction for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat a few times, building up to ten. Compression starts the same way as jelqing. Wrap both hands around the penis with an okay
grip. Apply a gentle force while moving one of your hands up until it reached the base of the glans.

DoctorAfterwards, try to bring both hands to each other as if you were compressing them. Stretching is exactly like the name. Stretch gently, pulling the penis away from your body in different directions.

Never do anything that causes you pain. Start slowly and gently, so you don’t harm yourself. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor, too. They know the latest treatment options, and they can help you achieve your goal safely.

Natural alternatives for penis enlargement surgery are safe and effective for  every man, as long as he follows the instructions carefully.


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