15 Tips on How to Get a Massive Erection Big Enough to Excite Her


15 Tips on How to Get a Massive Erection Big Enough to Excite Her

Women have their graces and charms to win you over, but men are at a disadvantage. No matter what you do, if your penis isn’t massive enough to be leaving her hands trembling in the bedroom, you have lost the way to her heart forever, my friend. So what can you do to get that coveted massive erection? If you have wondered how, here are the answers.

Later in this article, Learn the foods to eat to get rid of limp penis syndrome and welcome erections in your life, which can improve the quality of your relationships immensely. Make sure you continue reading to know the answers. Become boyfriend material, not just some regretful one-night stand for your lady love.

Here are some of the most invaluable tips which have helped men to get a massive erection for generations.

1. Kick your Masturbation Addiction to the Curb

We understand. It’s been a while since you have gotten some action. You were so desperate that you have started masturbating as part of your daily routine, and now it has become an addiction you can’t get rid of.

But did you know that by giving in to your cravings, you were unconsciously training your penis to be insensitive to any kind of external sexual stimuli and making it react to your touch alone? Chances are that, by the time you get busy with your girl under the sheets; your penis has just exhausted all its potential.

These tips will help you get past the habit of masturbating:

  • Keep Yourself Busy: You know what they say: An idle mind is the devil’s paradise. Nurture some hobbies outside your work life and nurture them with passion and dedication. Once you become busy, you won’t have time to think about masturbation. Problem solved.
  • Be Celibate: No, we are not asking you to become a priest. Make a promise to yourself that you will wait for the right girl to have sex with rather than playing with your penis every night. It doesn’t matter whether you find your true love in the near future or not. Just the anticipation would make every sexual encounter worth the wait.
  • Volunteering Is Good: Buy some presents for the kids in the orphanage near your work place. Visit the old age home and talk with the elderly just to spend the time. You will find that your personal gratification with masturbation would seem petty after a day with the less fortunate.

2. The Easiest Way to Get a Massive Erection: Say No to Smoking and Drinking

Smoking causes your capillaries and veins to constrict, limiting the flow of blood to all parts of your body, especially your penis. The tissue on your penis becomes less elastic by the day and stretching it becomes an impossible feat almost. Moreover, since the blood flow gets reduced, achieving an erection becomes an impossible task to accomplish.

On the other hand, drinking inflates your prostrate and numbs up all your penile activities. If you don’t want your lovemaking to go down the drain, quitting is the only option left for you.

Let’s be frank here: How do you expect your girl to be turned on when you are a drunken mess reeking of cigarette smoke?

3. Boost Your Body Image With Some Hard-Core Exercises

This is not a fairy tale, and nothing in life comes easy. You have to work your lazy ass off in order to get the massive boner you long for. Your confidence will be on an all-time high, and you will love to give your woman oral sex with the knowledge that your penis is going to score the winning goal for your team.

You must be wondering what exercises you can do in order to get a massive erection. Keep reading as we have made you a list.

  • Abdominal Exercises: You might have been able to get a massive erection, but whether you can hold it remains the big question. Abdominal exercises allow you to do just that, by supporting your erection come any circumstances. You can also have the largest penis among your group of friends, but if your stomach protrudes, your penis would appear puny in comparison. Staying in shape is the only way to go.
  • The Squeezing Exercise: Are you facing problems in getting a good penis girth? This exercise would take care of that problem for you. After your penis has achieved erection just squeeze it and pull it towards your body and keep holding it for 30 seconds or so. The flow of blood to your penis would improve and you won’t have to face erectile dysfunction ever in your life.

  • The Jelqing Exercise: You don’t see a player go into the field without warming him up first. Why should your penis be an exception? Wrap up your penis and testicles in a warm towel for about two minutes. Apply some baby oil and keep massaging it from base to the shaft as many times as you can within five minutes. Not only will your penis be bigger but also longer than ever.
  • Cardio Exercises: The secret to that massive erection lies in a good circulatory system, as it is blood which makes your penis go all big and hard. Ask your gym trainer to fix you up with some cardio exercises, so that you are not disappointed with your performance at the crucial moment.
  • Kegel Exercises: By strengthening the muscles in your pelvic region, kegel exercises allow you to have a perfect angle of erection each and every time. Not only that, you will have more enlarged and hard erections than you have experienced before. The exceptional prostrate health is a surprise bonus.

4. Keep Your Medications in Check

Considering our fast-paced lifestyles and hunger for achieving more than what is within our grasp has led to social phobia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety. As a result, our lives are fuelled by medications which are able to successfully counter the derogative effects of our psychological problems; however, such medications leave us weak to live a fulfilling personal life by suppressing your sexual desires.

pillsWhat’s the bottom line, you ask? Well, if you are someone who is in the habit of taking medications, don’t pop them into your body randomly without a second thought. Ask your doctor about the possible side effects and try to limit the consumption of the pills as much as possible if you want that huge erection.

Find out what you can do in order to get rid of your stress for a huge boner, which all the girls will go crazy about.

5. Don’t Forget Brushing Your Teeth: No, This Isn’t a Joke

Now, don’t ask us why or how but doctors have found out that the condition of your dental health and hygiene would influence the massiveness of your boner. Apparently, those who suffer from gum problems have a tendency to be victims of heart diseases. This makes them more susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction later on in their lives due to the lack of blood flow. We have something new to learn every day, right?

6. Condoms: Your Next Best Friend

The scientists who analyzed the human anatomy discovered that the men who resisted coming on the least bit of sexual stimulus ended up with severely massive erections during their later sexual intercourse sessions. This was because they limited their penile sensitivity so that they could have longer and harder erections.

If you find it hard to maintain your erection for a long duration of time, why not try using a condom? Not only do the condoms help to protect you against various sexually transmitted diseases, but also limit over sensitivity by preventing you from ejaculating too early while retaining your erection. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Be Cool: Stressing Over Sex is Old School

stressConsider this fact, which is going to change your life for the better: No one becomes a sex god in a week. It takes time and practice, so quit worrying about whether you will be able to deliver in the bedroom. Studies dealing with the science of erection have shown that stress and anxiety related to your personal and professional life would result into softer erections.

Do you wonder why that might be? Heart diseases and cholesterol are nothing but the side effects of stress. How can you hope to be sweating it out in the bedroom if you lose it stressing and fretting about what you are going to do?

Here are some of the tips, which would help you get rid of your stress and anxiety by calming your nerves in a stress free manner.

  • It is better if you can lower your expectations, so that you don’t get hurt when things don’t go as you planned.
  • Invest in relationships which will contribute to your mutual growth and be emotionally supportive.
  • Ask for help, as and when needed, and engage in problem-solving habits rather than pulling the hairs on your head.
  • Choose assertion over aggression. Express your beliefs, opinions and feelings clearly and calmly.
  • Maintain your emotional stability and composure. Don’t lose your anger over things which wouldn’t matter five years down the line.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether you do things and spend time with people you love.

8. Go Back to the Basics: Restrict Your Cell Phone and Laptop Usage

Let’s be real now. Are you reading this article on your laptop or your cell phone? Look to your right and you will find your partner fast asleep or rolling her eyes at you. No, we don’t have to be psychics to realize that excessive use of technology acts as a serious erection killer.

Before you accuse us of spreading false rumors, let us assure you that the heat emanating from the bottom of your laptop and your cell phone decreases your sperm count and takes a toll on your erection.

Also, which girl would want to have sex with a man who spends more time with his technology, rather than with her? Get a reality check already, and grab a book instead.

9. Supplements And Gels: It’s Time To Seek Help

Don’t feel embarrassed. Take a deep breath. Are you ready? It is absolutely fine if you have tried numerous tips and ended up being disappointed each and every time. Try the erection enhancement supplements and gels and they could do the magic for you.

If you ask us, we would recommend ProSolution Gel, which doesn’t only promise rock hard, thicker erections and better arousal, but also delivers on its promise. Don’t get it now and you will regret it later.

10. The Judgment Segment: Stop Cheating, Will You?

Have you ever visited a doctor to look into your erectile dysfunction problem? Chances are that, within two minutes into the appointment with your doctor; you were squirming with embarrassment because the doctor just asked you whether you were getting some action on the side.

cheatingContrary to popular opinion, the men who cheat on their wives and girlfriends have rather undersized penises. Why? The guilt and the fear that they might be caught red handed at any moment might add to the excitement but it also gives rise to anxiety, which kills your erection better than a murderer ever could.

Be a real man and stop playing games if you seriously crave a massive erection and want to save your penis from losing its erection once and for ever. If you can’t find the motivation to do it yet, just ask yourself whether you would be cool with it if you were on the receiving end of the betrayal. Don’t forget: Both your mistress and your lady love deserve better.

11. Give Your Strength a Rest to Get a Huge Erection

We don’t blame you on this one. Men have been taught to show their strength and run into hard objects to prove their masculinity forever, but those who keep imparting such senseless advice fail to realize you are just one misplaced thrust away from rupturing what the biologists call the corposa cavernosa, the erectile chambers running through the length of your penis.

Brace yourself for some bad news. Once you end up rupturing it, you have to get it operated within a 24 hour time frame, in order to stop the internal bleeding and eliminate the possibility of permanent damage.

Unfortunately, even surgery cannot restore your penis to its former glory. Loss of elasticity, pain, curvature and impotence would follow soon after. Ask your girl to exercise caution when she is on top. Save your displays of masculinity for the time when you fix the shed or paint the roof.

12. Avoid Diabetes Like the Plague

Do you want to embrace celibacy? Why go to the monastery when you can get diabetes instead?

One of the well-hidden secrets of the medical world is that almost half of the men who suffer from diabetes are impotent. As arterial disease sets in as a result of diabetes, the nerves which are strategically placed across your body to transmit the stimuli lose their ability to do so. You are left with a numb penis good for absolutely nothing except maybe peeing. Oh the horror.

Staying in shape will be your best bet, but if that ship has sailed, keep your blood sugar levels in check at all costs. A recent Italian study has shown that those men who aren’t vigilant about regulating their blood sugar tend to suffer from erection issues more than the men who don’t.

13. Be Virtuous, Vasectomy-Wise

Are you sure you don’t want to reproduce? Or have you already fulfilled your ideal quota of kids for that perfect family picture at Christmas? If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you should start considering getting a vasectomy.

Being a man, we have had to confront the scare of birth control failure, at least once in our lifetime. Hence, we are much too familiar with the feeling of dread which prohibits from enjoying sexual intercourse no matter how passionate it might be.

Is the fear of contraceptive failure stopping you from getting the much-desired massive erection? Just get a vasectomy done and bid adieu to all that anxiety, which turns into a mood killer as soon as you step into the bedroom.

anxietyBut do you fear things wouldn’t be quite the same after you have made some changes to your sperm factory? We are here to bust all the myths stopping you from getting your sex life back.

  • You can have sex just two weeks after the procedure. It’s better to wait for a few days than to face a lifetime of disappointment right?
  • The pain will be even lesser than if you snubbed your toe rather badly.
  • You can ejaculate as before.
  • Your semen would have the same consistency and volume just without the risks of having sperms in it anymore.
  • Your sexual pleasure and desires will be heightened in the absence of the anxiety.

14. Today in Weird Facts: Fawning Over Yawning

Nothing is the world is more relaxing than those few seconds of yawning when you have gone for a long duration without sleep. Believe it or not, you get the same feeling when you get a huge erection. Depending on whether the nitric oxide in your body travels down south through the blood vessels regulating the circulation in your penis or goes to the neurons controlling the opening of your mouth, you will experience either an erection or a yawn, respectively.

Don’t yawn when you are having sex, but do it occasionally, whenever you get the chance during the day. When your neuro chemical pathways are left unobstructed at night, you will be gifted with harder erection which would absolutely rock your partner’s world. Strange, but true.

15. Eat Right and Champion the Erection Game

We all deserve a bit of indulgence now and again. There are some specific foods, which act as aphrodisiacs and stimulate a massive erection so that you can enjoy some gastronomic delights before you go on to enjoy yourself sexually.

Now don’t get hold of your laptop to find what foods we might be referring to. As always, we have prepared a list and made the job easier for you that includes:

  • red wineOysters: Not only does this wonder food act as an immediate turn on for all men, but is also high in vitamin B6 and zinc which boosts up the production of testosterone in your body. The essential factor in getting a huge boner.
  • Coffee: Coffee opens up the fat storage in your body, so you can get the stamina to keep going on all night long.
  • Bananas: Like coffee, bananas are also good for blood circulation since they are rich in potassium. Buy yourself a bunch, and the rest will be history.
  • Spicy Peppers: The organic capsaicin in peppers which makes it so spicy is effective for your erection’s growth, as it dilates your blood vessels and encourages blood flow to your penis.
  • Red Wine: Wrap up your meal with a glass of sultry red wine and watch how all your anxieties go out the window. Be prepared for the best sex of your life.

Getting a massive erection is not a big deal if you abide by the rules and tips we have laid down for you in this article. Now the ball is in your court. Are you going to listen to us or suffer with a drooping penis for the rest of your life? You decide.


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