How to Please a Woman Emotionally and Build an Unbreakable Bond


You all know the drill. When it comes to sex, physical attraction matters for men. Seeing a woman in a tight black dress is enough – with a bit of cleavage – is enough to get your mind wandering.

Apparently, it is a difference case for women. More than the physical, you need to tap into her emotions before you can create an intimate bond with her.

How will you do that? Keep reading. Check out these 16 tips on how to please a woman and make her happy in and out of the bedroom:

1. The First and Most Challenging Tip to Remember: Avoid Staring at Other Girls

Fine, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of other women and that’s fine. Apparently, it is challenging especially if you are with someone and a tall girl in her skinny jeans walk past you and you can’t help but notice.

What is the reason behind this? It is part of men’s natural reflex, much like a habit instilled in your system.

If you are serious about how to pleasure a woman, then remember these tips the next time you feel the urge to look:

  • Remember that it is a habit you developed and not part of your natural reflexes.
  • Although it is a reflex, keep in mind that it is about how often you look and for how long. This means if you can’t help but stare, make sure to look not for long.
  • Avoid feeding your brain with internet porn and other forms of media that use women in sexually provocative poses.

It may be challenging at first, but you can do it. At the same time, don’t forget to do the next tip too.

2. Keep Her Surprised by Making Her Feel Extra Special

Here’s something you should know about women: it’s not difficult to make them feel special. Whether you two are going out for a month or 10 years, the efforts you make to make her feel loved is what she appreciates the most.

Here are some ideas on how to satisfy a woman by making her feel special:

  • Randomly leave love notes.
  • Compliment how good she looks or how great she smells.
  • Send her flirty text or email messages.
  • Give her a massage – without expecting anything in return.
  • Get her something every time you visit a place or heading to the convenience store.
  • Listen to what she has to say, including her rant and vents.
  • Open up and share something about you with her.

Believe it or not, these little things could make a difference in your relationship and eventually pleasure a woman. Don’t forget to try this next tip, too.

3. Be the Best Man and Learn Surefire Ways on How to Please a Woman and Make Her Feel Loved

make her feel lovedListen up, guys. In a woman’s vocabulary, there is a difference between making her feel special and making her feel loved. Now that you know how to make her feel special, it’s time to say hello to different techniques that will make her feel loved.

You can try the following:

  • Get past what she is wearing and tell her that she is beautiful.
  • Be honest with her by showing everything about you – the good, the bad, the silly, and the amazing.
  • Comfort her every time she cries.
  • Make her feel that she is part of your life – and you want it.
  • Don’t push her away, especially when she tries to make an effort in making you feel better.

Try these techniques and you surely won’t fail in making her feel loved and eventually satisfy a woman.

4. Awesome Date Ideas and Strategies You Can Try to Surprise Your Girl

You succeeded in making your ladylove feel special and loved. You are doing a great job with that. Apparently, making her feel loved is a never-ending process. This means you constantly have to look for ways on how to keep things interesting outside the bedroom before you master the techniques on how to please a woman in bed.

Check out these awesome date ideas and strategies worth trying:

  • Show up outside her office or home with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  • Get her little “somethings” like coffee, some trinkets after visiting a certain place, or her favorite chocolate.
  • Plan a fancy date.
  • Organize a surprise party for her birthday.
  • Cook for her.
  • Bring her someplace new and blindfold her on your way there.

There are tons of awesome date ideas you can do to surprise your significant other. The important thing is to match your surprise with her personality and it will surely be a hit.

You’re just getting started. There are more tips on how to please women, so make sure you stick around until the end.

5. Nine Conversations Successful Couples Should Have

Once you hit the serious button in the relationship, you need to get past the “How was your day?” conversation. If you want to continue building a successful relationship, then you should have these nine conversations:

  • Sex, including ways on how to improve it.
  • Money and financial aspirations.
  • Conflicts and issues, including how to handle them.
  • The future, your plans and dreams.
  • Division of chores and responsibilities.
  • What constitutes cheating.
  • Your values and ideals.
  • Relationship with respective families.
  • Marriage, in case you two are not yet married.

It may be overwhelming to discuss these topics, so make sure you take it one step at a time. Now that you are in the process of deepening your conversation, check out the next section and find out how to communicate with women more effectively to satisfy her.

6. Get to Know the Right Way to Communicate with Women More Effectively

Women are complicated creatures, there is no doubt with that. Even experts have still yet to uncover and understand how women think and function. When it comes to conversation, women can be challenging too, because one wrong word could ruin your chances.

Don’t worry. The good news is there are tried-and-tested techniques that can help you on how to talk to women effectively.

Here’s how:

  • Ask the right questions by listening to what she is saying.
  • Encourage her to talk and talk more.
  • Depending on the situation, try to repeat some of the things she said to show her that you are listening.
  • Listen and listen well.

Mastering the art of communicating with women takes a lot of practice. The bottom line is make her feel that you are someone she can trust and open up to. This makes her feel assured and believe it or not, it is among the effective ways on how to make a woman happy.

Otherwise, you will make her feel that she is taken for granted, which leads you to this next tip.

7. Effective Ways on How to Make Your Girl Feel You Are Not Taking Her for Granted

Are you serious about how to please a woman emotionally? Then you need to guarantee that you will never take her for granted.

take her for grantedYou already know that women are naturally emotional creatures. This means toying with their emotions could already ruin their mood – and your chance of getting laid. At the same time, she starts to drift away and look for someone or something that could make her feel that she is appreciated and cared for.

If you want to avoid making her feel that she is taken for granted, then you can try these tips:

  • Apologize, especially if she already voiced it out
  • Acknowledge the fact that you took her for granted and thank her for voicing out her opinion.
  • Keep her attracted to you to make her remember what a great guy you are.
  • Pay attention to her.

Doable? Definitely.

8. Be Her Knight in Shining Armor and You Will Please Her for Sure

Here is another way on how to pleasure a women: be that someone who can protect her no matter what.

Did you know that there are approximately 16,238 murders per year committed in the United States? This translates to 44 murders per day – and the results are alarming. You may not have a black belt or have a license to carry a gun, but you can definitely do something to make her feel protected – and more.

Here are different ways on how you can protect your girl:

  • protect your girlWalking her to her car or giving her a ride home.
  • Sacrificing your own comfort for hers, but within boundaries.
  • Keep your promises and commitments.
  • Care about her reputation by avoiding any form of exploitation.
  • Values her feelings.

There is more to being her knight in shining armor aside from protecting her against the bad guys. How you treat her as a whole is part of being a true gentleman. When you are able to do this well, it won’t be hard for you on how to please a woman sexually in bed.

9. How to Pleasure a Woman by Mastering the Art of Loyalty

Did you know that 17 percent of divorces in the United States are due to infidelity? Worse, 70 percent of married men even admitted that they cheated on their wives once upon a time. Because of this alarming statistics, many women are afraid to get into serious relationships. After all, nobody wants to be cheated on.

Prove her wrong by showing that loyalty is your middle name. You can start with being honest about who you are, including instances of infidelity. Starting the relationship with honesty is a good way to showcase your loyalty.

Apart from this, here are other ways to show and prove your loyalty:

  • Avoid getting into situations where loyalty could slip.
  • Do not encourage any flirty encounters with “friendly” colleagues or neighbors.
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to be loyal.
  • Avoid making the same mistake twice, especially if cheating happened in the past.

Proving your loyalty can be challenging, so take it one step at a time. Loyalty is earned and not imposed.

Read the next section, which could help in proving your loyalty. Who knows, this could even lead to something sexy.

10. The Importance of Quality Time in Building the Unbreakable Bond

quality timeYou will never run out of ways on how to please a woman sexually. Before you do that, make sure you spend quality time with each other and the rest will follow.

Sadly, work, kids, responsibilities, and various circumstances could get in the way that could reduce your date nights. If you want to bring the spark back in the bedroom, then it is imperative that you spend time together as a couple.

How can you do that? Try these tips:

  • Make your relationship a top priority.
  • Introduce small but positive changes in your relationship.
  • Schedule weekly date nights – and make sure to stick to it.
  • Make sure that you focus on each other and no one else.
  • Give undivided attention.
  • Plan dates together, which could range from trying new a restaurant, playing sports, having a picnic in the park, doing something new, or going on a vacation.

The bottom line is spend quality time together as a couple. This could lead to something sexy inside the bedroom that you might want to review the tricks you learned on how to please a woman with your hands – and more. If you struggle with your libido, talk to your doctor about trying a male enhancement product, like VigRX Plus or ProSolution enhancement pills to make sure you are ready for the night that’s about to come.

11. Chivalry Isn’t Dead: Secret Moves to Prove You Are a Perfect Gentleman

They say chivalry is dead and women are more powerful than ever. Still, this doesn’t mean you should stop opening the door or letting her pass first.

One of the ways on how to please a woman is by showing that chivalry still exists. How will you do that?

Try these tricks:

  • Show her that you want more than just the casual fling.
  • Ask her out on real dates.
  • Answer your phone or respond to her messages every time she calls or texts.
  • Pick her up on dates.
  • Pay for the bill in the restaurant
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Open the door for her.
  • Appreciate her.
  • Be a man of word.
  • Avoid using cheesy pick-up lines.

Being a gentleman is not rocket science and doesn’t require a college degree. These simple steps are enough to show her that chivalry still exists and you are one of those few guys who still practice it.

12. A Key Tip You Should Master on How to Please a Woman in Bed

Are you ready to find out what this is? Be affectionate.

Between men and women, women are the more affectionate creatures and are not afraid to show it. Apparently, most guys hate showing their affectionate and vulnerable side since it makes you look weak. Believe it or not, one of the ways on how to make a woman happy is by showing some affection.

How does this work? Here’s how:

  • Don’t make her ask you to be affectionate.
  • Come up with your own love phrases.
  • Greet her with a kiss.
  • Make kisses more passionate and meaningful.
  • Express yourself and your admiration for her.
  • Hold hands whenever you can.

Showing affection doesn’t have to be complicated. Try these tricks and you will see the difference in your relationship.

13. Bring Out the Romantic Card and She Surely Won’t Break the Bond

Fine, the tips mentioned above makes you look less manly. If you are serious about tapping into her emotions and paying attention to how she feels, then you need to put your masculine guard a little bit lower.

This means being romantic, too.

Check out this list on how you can showcase your romantic side to satisfy a woman:

  • Say “I love you” as often as you can – and mean it.
  • Give her a kiss in situations she least expects it.
  • Write her a letter.
  • Give her something that showcase your talent like a painting or love poem.
  • Cook for her.
  • Help her with chores.
  • Take her to lunch.
  • Have a breakfast date.
  • Leave notes that will remind her of how much you love her.

Can you add more in this list? Don’t worry. Women have their way of repaying you for all the efforts you made. Just wait and see.

14. Make Her Feel Good About Herself and Everything Else Will Follow

Do you want to know the secret to tapping a woman’s emotional side? Make her feel good about herself. There are tons of ways on how you can do this. If you want to know surefire ways to do this, then read the following tips:give her a kiss

  • Pay attention to how she looks, including her hair.
  • Give her a kiss and hug as much as you can.
  • Tell her that she has a positive charisma.
  • Compliment her style.
  • Let her know why she is different from the other girls you dated.
  • Inform her that you have no plans of changing her personality because you love her for who she is.
  • Appreciate the fact that she is smart.

Try these tips with her, and you will surely keep her emotions happy.

15. Put the Fun Back in the Relationship

The problem many couples face these days is the fact that the fun is lost somewhere. Relationships, no matter how serious you are with each other, must always have the fun factor in it.

Therefore, laugh as much as you can. Tell jokes and make fun of each other. Do something new and exciting while still doing the things you love whenever time permits. Discover something new together and don’t hesitate to make new friends. Go on adventures, make time for friends, and keep everything positive.

Relationships are supposed to be fun. If you start to lose this, then don’t give up just yet and try the tips mentioned to help bring it back in your relationship. Once you start enjoying each other’s company, everything else follows.

16. The Importance of Treating a Woman with Respect

Apart from loyalty, respect is also something earned and not imposed. Apparently, earning one’s respect can be challenging and requires hard work. If you want to satisfy a woman, then you should be able to gain her respect.

happier relationshipDon’t worry. Earning one’s respect is not that hard. It all boils down to how long it takes before you earn her respect. To help you speed things up, you can try the following tricks:

  • Respect her thoughts and opinions even if they are different from yours.
  • Give her space and allow her to be alone and on her own from time-to-time.
  • Show respect to her family and friends.
  • Always remember that women are more than just an object in your bedroom.

There are tons of ways you can do on how to please a woman emotionally. Take your pick out of these 16 tips and you are surely on your way towards a healthier and happier relationship.


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