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libidoAccording to research, most men aged 60 and below often think about sex. It fact, most men think about it at least once every day. No wonder that some men who are actively engaged in sex prefer to undergo male enhancements. The reasons for men who opt to use male enhancement pills and devices, do penile exercises or undergo a penile surgery are not just about sexual dysfunction.

Some prefer male enhancement methods because they simply want to provide satisfaction to their partners, satisfy themselves or boost their confidence. Unfortunately, there some men who are not so blessed in terms of their manhood size hence they opt to enhance their penile size either by length or by girth.

However, lengthening is not that satisfying as compared to having a wider and thicker girth according to some women. What is the best male enhancement girth procedure then? Let’s find out.

The Best Male Enhancement Girth Exercises

Penile exercises is not just about increasing the length of your penis, it is also performed to increase the girth of your manhood. There are actually different penile girth exercises you can perform and for some, the best male enhancement girth exercises are as follows:

  •  Side Jelqing – Jelqing for some who don’t know is one of the most common yet effective exercises to increase penile size; however it can be done in different variations such as side jelqing. This exercise is easy to do, simply stroke your penis sideward’s, opposite to your penile curve’s direction.
  •  Vertical Jelqing – Just like side jelqing, this one is done by stroking your penis downward. It can be done easily using a medium intensity when stroking.
  •  Wet Jelqing – This is considered as a girth enhancement exercise although few have claimed that it does not only increase girth but also the length of a penis. This is done by continuously stroking your penis to force more amount of blood to flow in your penile shaft resulting to expansion of your penis and thereby increasing its girth size. This is also said to be one of the best male enhancement girth exercises you can try.
  •  Double Squeeze – This penile exercise requires you to use both hands to squeeze the shaft of your penis to enhance blood circulation to your corpora cavernosa and as a result, it expands your penis and increases its girth size.
  •  Double Erect Squeeze – This penile exercise is said to increase the size of your upper shaft and that of your glans. With this exercise, more blood is supplied in the lower portion of your erect penis.
  •  Dry Jelqing – This type of jelqing exercise targets the girth of your penis, its intensity is low level and it can be done easily. You must achieve at least 80% erection before performing this exercise. Simply stroke your penis using the “okay sign” and when stroking, make sure to observe a loose overhand position or just enough grip and start stroking it until your penile base.

Surgical Phalloplasty

Aside from penile girth exercises, one can also undergo a surgical procedure such as phalloplasty. This procedure can be done in 3 different ways; lengthening, widening/thickening or both. If you want to thicken and increase the girth size of your penis, this procedure is possible. Few men who have undergone this procedure claimed that it’s worth their money. How is it done? Girth enhancement is done by injecting fat cells under a man’s penile skin.

It is said this procedure can increase the size of your penile girth to 30 or 40 percent! This is why phalloplasty for some is one of the best male enhancement girth procedures you can try. Despite its high associated price of about $3,000 to $6,000, men who have undergone such procedure testified it’s worth the pain and money.

Male Girth Enhancement Pills

Aside from exercises and surgical procedures, girth enhancement pills are also available in the market. Some even helps men achieve stiffer erections and wider penile sizes. These male enhancement pills usually work by increasing the blood supply in your penis to enhance the size and most especially the girth.

Natural male enhancement pills are highly commendable if you want to increase your girth size. There are male enhancement herbs that are proven to increase penile girth and are powerful enough to supply more blood in your penis. Therefore, if you want the best male enhancement girth pills, look for those products that are proven effective, tested and tried by dozens of satisfied men.

Sex Is Part of Human Nature

A man who wants to increase the girth of their penis is just a normal desire. According to studies, men desires for sex more often as compared to women. If possible, men who are not suffering from any sexual dysfunction prefer to have sex from the start, the middle and for how many years to come in a given relationship. So it’s just normal if men seek for the best male enhancement girth procedures available out there.


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